Rerun: How to do a pet rescue commercial

(I first posted this in 2015. When I came across it again yesterday, it once again lifted my spirits and put a tear in my eye. Happy Saturday, everyone.)

For years I’ve cringed at the pet rescue commercials done by the SPCA. You know the ones — the sappy song (“In the Arms of an Angel”), the pitiful animals, and the pleading Sarah McLachlan. I couldn’t be a bigger supporter of pet rescue (my Annie is a rescue) but I’ve always hated those commercials.

I think this commercial from Nature’s Variety Instinct and Best Friends Animal Society is remarkable. I’ve watched it several times just because it makes me smile, and I’m guessing it will continue to do so. Visit the website to learn about the film (somehow “commercial” seems inappropriate). The owners of these dogs and many more submitted photos for the film — more than 25,000 in all. The website has stills of those that made it into the film, as well as many that didn’t (surely not all 25,000, but there are a lot). And each one includes the dog’s name and a line or two about him or her.

Such a beautiful, joyous film. Makes me want to go rescue several dozen more dogs and make them just as happy.

Long live pets!

April 25, 2022 — I discovered today quite by accident that the fabulous video in this and the earlier post had disappeared. A tragedy, considering the joy it always brought me. But I dug around on YouTube and fortunately someone had saved it. So I grabbed it and reposted it. I hope it doesn’t disappear again.

6 thoughts on “Rerun: How to do a pet rescue commercial

  1. Your video clip is so very much more effective than the commercials you mentioned. I share your feelings for those awful things meant to pull at the heartstrings. I suspect that most people just had to look away. On the other hand, the video reminds us all of the joy of having a pup in our lives. Almost makes me want to run out and adopt or rescue one. My little girl is 11 and showing her age, but as I approach my shelf life it doesn’t seem fair to start out with another.

    1. My girl is 11 also. And like you, I don’t think it would be fair to adopt another. Besides, a new pup is a lot of work, much more so than the kitten I recently adopted, so it really wouldn’t be fair to either of us. My son has promised to take care of the kitty when I’m gone. They always have several at their house. Plus if I move to a condo or something, I could probably take a cat to most, but not a dog. I’ve grown to hate having to worry about exterior and yard maintenance.

    2. Adopt an older dog. They are often better, anyway, as most are housebroken. And they are almost what we call, “gratefuls.” I helped with a rescue & training program at the Women’s Prison for a couple year – until they lost the funding – and the look these dogs would have the girls – and their new owners – is like no other. I took two, myself, and never had any better dogs.

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