Found another great Colorado photographer

Lake Isabelle, Colorado, by Mike Kvackay. @mkvackay

Isn’t this lovely? I came across it on Twitter while browsing the internet this evening. The Denver photographer, Mike Kvackay, graciously gave me permission to share it with you. His professional site is on Facebook.

Lake Isabelle is higher than and several miles west of the Brainard Lake Recreation Area (elev.10,500 ft) near Ward, Colorado. The area is chock full of trailheads and is closer to Denver than Rocky Mountain National Park.

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  1. We stumbled across this photographer somehow a day or two ago – and I said I bet you already had him on your blog. What fabulous work!

  2. I’m VERY impressed! I love photographing mirror images, but find it tricky to find a completely still body of water!

    • And you still have to hike a ways to get to our little mountain gems. I salute anyone who gets there with the proper gear at the right moment to catch the light, or stillness, or whatever conditions they seek.

  3. Yes it is 🙂 Very!

    And it’s about 3000 ft higher than the highest peak in Australia

  4. You should check out the work of Lars Leber. He is a very talented Colorado based photographer.

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