19 thoughts on “Select-a-smile”

      1. Ha! I was referring in pun language to your Comment Section’s quote from Cornel West ! We should migrate toward West — West’s thought. It is all in the name of a good laugh, which we all need to share more than occasionally to maintain good mental health in trying times, don’t you think? Some of the talk show hosts do this quoting funny signs and news phrases thing, and it’s always hilarious!!

      2. LOL. I missed that completely. Yes, the West quote perfectly expresses my state of mind. So I have to introduce humor or something to distract from all the bad news. I love the late night talk show hosts, especially Colbert, for giving me some news along with enough humor to kill the pain and make me smile.

  1. I’m still an optimist. I wish that everyone was happy, and that there is world peace. When I had a near perfect day the other day, I now have that wonderful memory to carry me through some (inevitable) tough times.

      1. I did visit Starbucks on my trips to the US and must admit it really is third rate coffee compared to what one gets in Australia, truly, we get coffee here to die for, I think it was the European influence post war, although I’m still a cuppa tea sort of bloke; I don’t mind a coffee from any of the coffee shops here, No two are alike. Some even blend? their own stuff or whatever it is they do with it.

      2. I’ve had one or two coffees from Starbucks, always brought to me by someone. I’ve never gone there; wouldn’t have any idea how to order. I’m content with my one cup of home brewed every morning.

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