Elizabeth Warren releases DNA test result

13 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren releases DNA test result”

  1. He’ll never pay up. If he says he didn’t say it, in his world, people believe him, even if they were there when he said it.
    Must be nice to be able to pick your reality. 🤨

  2. Sadly, it reminded me a bit of when Obama “proved” that he was born in the US. Why did he have to prove it? Just because some orange asshole questions it? Why does she have to prove her heritage? Why can’t we ask trump to prove that he actually paid any taxes, didn’t sexually assault women, or that he knows the best words and has a big brain? F&*@wad. I truly hate that man.

    1. Idiotchild doesn’t deserve an explanation or proof, but it might sway some of his supporters. It infuriates me too that he sits smugly in the White House while men all around him are dropping like flies for either tax evasion and sexual assault.

      I do wish she’d waited until after Election Day to release these results, but perhaps she thought they would also help her in her Senate re-election race.

  3. If it does get paid you can bet your bottom dollar that the money wont come from trumps pocket.

    All I have to say to Senator Warren is Go get him Girl!

    I’d call him a mongrel, but I’ve had some good mongrel dogs, and won’t tarnish their memory

    1. I doubt he ever intended to pay or that she’s expecting him to pay. She’s just reminding everyone that he said it. I’d like to think now we’ll move on to more important issues, but of course Trump won’t, any more than he moved on after Obama released his birth certificate.

      (Naturally this all assumes the GOP is dumb enough to nominate him for a second term … )

    1. Nope. He called it “bogus” (close enough) and continues to call her Pocahontas. He ridicules the test results, as many people have. They may have a point, but I’m not good enough at math to judge.

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