Colorado snow joke

11 thoughts on “Colorado snow joke”

  1. I love seasons. Long ago, we lived in Hawaii for 3 years. It can get down in the 50’s for lows in “winter” but it’s essentially pretty much the same all year. Even paradise can get boring! Amazing, huh? Besides, what with politics, sex and religion being prickly subjects, what else is there to talk about? Weather, that’s what. Have a good season, PT!

    1. We didn’t have much in the way of seasons when I lived in Atlanta. So boring! (except for that one ice storm …) Am stocked up and ready for snow tonight, though I’m really worried about the trees. At the moment we have brilliant blue skies and sunshine, temp in the 50s, (and I can hear a couple of lawnmowers in the distance). Absolutely glorious … for as long as it lasts.

      Hope your autumn is also glorious.

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