Porch pirate payback

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  1. That’s great! How many times was the gift jacked? I’m so glad we don’t have that problem here at my house (too many dogs and a secure fence and gate).

  2. That is brilliant.

    Nobel Prize stuff!

    We only saw about 5/6 second grab on our tv news just the stuff going off,instead of the whole lot.

    Thanks for sharing wouldn’t have missed it; only one fault I could find. We didn’t see the perps heads and faces; Hope the police were given a full view so they can run the thieves down and throw them in the can.

  3. Far too many people are doing their holiday/Mother’s Day/valentines/ graduation gift shopping in people’s porches here. It’s pathetic. I had high hopes for this option.
    (People here are beginning to get creative with boxes on porches set out as lures. Still, this new form of shopping is so out of norm, it’s disgusting)

    1. There ought to be a specific law and punishment. Local news has been running videos of these creeps, caught on video doorbells, and I don’t know why more of them aren’t identified.

      1. this has been going on for 3 + years here. With homeowner security cams that have much improved, neighborhood web pages/FB, and the news media who is more than happy to show these – some are being caught. Police here are doing stings. GPS trackers are being added in some boxes.
        But the big concern is that so many think this is perfectly OK to do – and tell the kids to get out of the car and grab (and that Amazon/the company will simply resend the item free of charge…Fed-Ex and UPS are now photo snapping to prove they were delivered on porches, so….
        Wonder where we go now…Postal Service is marginal now – if it’s not taken to the wrong house, it’s stolen by the agents or quietly pushed aside to see if anyone notices – funny how missing packages suddenly show up if you and the sending company complain and start tracking – very odd that’s so common now.
        What a world. Thief is Ok if you don’t get caught…just like running stop signs and red lights

      2. Speaking of packages never showing up, my son is still missing one. Tracking showed it got as close as the Henderson facility … then nothing. Just vanished at that point.

      3. Keep asking about it – and get the company to add pressure.or it just gets ignored …(if Amazon, call the shipper and make sure they actually picked up the package…we’ve found that the “tracking” sent to customers really isn’t always accurate and often fake….one of ours was supposed to be “delayed” then slated for special handling and immediate delivery according to the Customer representative we talked to…we waited at home another day – multiple calls and promised….only to discover from the shipper that the item was still at the port and not released for pickup…Amazon finally said, yeah, “The seller is unresponsive and we ware having trouble with that one” So, I asked, “Why does it show the item is only a few hours/miles from, mud house?” “Oh, the “tracking” is done by computer and doesn’t know it hasn’t been picked up – only it’s been a certain amount of time which usually means it’s in a certain location in transit…”
        So easy to lie these days
        I asked for review by management, but probably all hidden from them to avoid reprimands.

      4. I don’t know how hard he’ll pursue it. It’s an inexpensive little doodad from a mom and pop operation. No great financial loss. Just minor disappointment.

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