Shooting too close to home

My redbud tree made a good anchor for the police tape.

This was my front yard when I got up Sunday morning. Yep, that’s crime scene tape tied to my tree. I could see a police car just down the street and an officer standing there talking to someone.

As soon as I got dressed I headed out the door to find out what had happened and immediately encountered my next-door neighbor. He said shots had been fired during the night and his wife had called the police.

I’ll spare you all the conjecture and conflicting reports I read on NextDoor. Police reports said two male friends, 18 and 21, were sitting in a car talking. An unidentified car came by and someone shot at them before speeding away. The shooter remains at large. The 18-year-old is in the hospital in critical condition. His friend did not survive.

A neighbor’s security cam recorded the sound of the shots, and some 30 shell casings were later found in the street.

All that took place just three doors down — and I basically slept through the whole thing. How, I don’t know. It happened at 1:15 am and I went to bed 30-45 minutes before that. I think maybe I sort of woke up to an odd sound, but hearing nothing else, immediately went back to sleep. I don’t know.

That doesn’t explain why I also didn’t hear police and ambulance sirens; maybe they came in quietly. One thing I do know is that there’s nothing wrong with my hearing. I guess I’m just a deep sleeper.

Here’s a photo from the media:

The victims were sitting in the white Subaru and tried to run when the shooting started.

Anyone know what those white globe things are? Maybe lights for an investigation that started in the dark?

The police finally took down their tape and left around 2 pm. I’ve seen no additional information other than that the investigation continues.

And that’s all I know. We got some good rain that evening and now it’s as though nothing ever happened — except that tragedy struck two families that night.

A local news report:

P.S. I forgot to mention that I received two Code Red messages that night, one just after the shooting saying to stay indoors until further notice and a second one, about four hours later, giving the all clear. I didn’t see them until I woke up. Code Red, if you don’t have it in your city, is a way for emergency services to send messages to citizens, sort of like a reverse 911. I turn my phone off at night, allowing only calls and texts from family members to come through. I’ve now changed my settings to allow Code Red calls also.


  1. How sad that we live hand in hand with such violence. Remembering the planes in 2001, and now guns in your own neighborhood without waking you up…and violent death is happening everywhere. When I think twice about it I become more determined that this has to change.

    1. It really is. I’ve seen nothing about a motive. Somebody on NextDoor said a black Jeep Commander was chasing the other car (this is a through street, often used by nonresidents to avoid a congested intersection with stoplights). But the police reports and media said nothing about a chase or a Jeep.

  2. Considering over 30 shots fired, you are lucky a stray bullet didn’t hit your house. I wonder if any other houses were hit? This highlights how the technology has changed since the 2nd Amendment was enacted. The internet says a musket can be fired (by an expert) once every 15 seconds. I’m guessing 30 in that time by a modern automatic pistol.

    1. Given the way it happened, I think the shots were aimed away from my house (my bedroom is on the back). And there are two other houses between the scene and my house. Scuttlebutt on NextDoor said someone’s front door was hit. Someone else said it sounded like an automatic weapon. Not sure I’d recognize it, but someone’s security cam recorded the sound.

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