The Great Smoke Alarm Conspiracy

5 thoughts on “The Great Smoke Alarm Conspiracy”

  1. “Landlord” came and installed new smoke/fume detectors in my place the other day. Soon thereafter, false alarm, then another next day — both let out 3 loud shrills, then ceased, no more noise. 5am today, a third audio assault, a set of 3 shrieks — louder than the last, it seemed, but what followed those was 3 more, then 3 more, and again… I took it down and pressed away to no avail, and finally just took a hammer to it……. So, whoa, bro, I was going to offer to send you a hammer, but then I saw that I’m replying to a post from October 2009. Uh oh…

    1. No problem. I appreciate all comments.

      In the past I’ve been tempted to use a hammer myself. Fortunately, I’m not relying on a landlord of any kind to deal with my smoke alarms. And my newest solution, installed earlier this year, Nest Protect alarms that check their own batteries, warn of both smoke and CO, provide a night light when someone is moving around, and when necessary speak to me in a normal human voice before sounding any alarm — and any alarms can be silenced with my phone.

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