Whatever Sarah wants, Sarah (still) gets

Sarah Palin

I was enjoying my morning coffee, still in that comfy half-awake, pre-caffeinated state, easing into my day, sort of watching CNN because it’s a totally passive endeavor. And suddenly there was Sarah Palin’s shrill, irritating, clueless voice cutting through it all like a jagged knife. There she was filling my screen. And it wasn’t a fleeting sound bite; it was an entire speech. Nooo!! I couldn’t change the channel fast enough.

Why, CNN, why? She’s not a candidate. She’s nobody now, an irrelevant, egotistical, self-serving everyday citizen no more important than the rest of us, and not as bright as most of us. Why do you keep feeding her sick need for publicity? I’d have expected coverage of her speech from Fox News or the paparazzi, not CNN.

Come on, CNN. The media should be covering the party (political or otherwise), not the party crasher.

4 thoughts on “Whatever Sarah wants, Sarah (still) gets

  1. CNN is just another big government advocate and accomplice. Anderson Cooper 360 demonstrates that although he hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about, he is nevertheless determined to get his idiotic opinion on the air.

    I actually admire Fox and MSNBC more than CNN because they don’t try to pretend that they aren’t in the business of spreading a biased agenda.

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