CNN rapidly becoming laughing stock

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It would be laughable it if hadn’t been one of America’s most well-known news outlets. So I suppose that just makes it pitiful. No, scratch that; it really is laughable. Jon Stewart had a ball with it last night. He loves to pick on the “real” news channels, usually Fox News. But lately CNN has provided sooo much irresistible material.

He got this Nancy Grace vs. Ashleigh Banfield story from The Atlantic Wire, where I encourage you to read the details for yourself (and don’t miss the follow-up story linked at the end). Banfield (CNN) is in Phoenix supposedly doing a remote interview with Nancy Grace (HLN, owned by CNN) in Cleveland or elsewhere. But the sharp eyes at The Atlantic quickly realized the two women were actually standing in the same parking lot about 30 feet from each other. Watch the cars in the background:

The Atlantic Wire
The Atlantic Wire
The Atlantic Wire
The Atlantic Wire

Why CNN would do something so ridiculously transparent is anyone’s guess. The fact remains this was a clumsy, amateurish attempt to deceive viewers and drops CNN another couple of rungs on the ladder of “trusted” news sources.

At the end of their story, the two Atlantic Wire reporters, Dashiell Bennett and Philip Bump, display their professionalism:

(Disclosure: The two authors of this post are in the same office, sitting about five feet away from each other.)


18 thoughts on “CNN rapidly becoming laughing stock

  1. Well, you already know what I think about CNN PT. And as long as they keep providing him the material, Jon Stewart will keep right on rolling over them while we all roll around on the floor. I still laugh whenever I recall him referring to Wolf Blitzer as “Voolf Bleetzer!” 😆

  2. FTW?

    Damn nice job with the carnival cruise ship. It was a bit blurry, and maybe a little small, but as it passed over the blacktop I couldn’t help but wish I was onboard enjoying a margarita. I would have waved. So long posers. I’m off to parts unknown. Anthony Bourdain will be jealous. I’m going to visit the Temeculan ruins – whatever that is. Eat my shorts CNN. And of course, Fox can shove it, as usual. If I find evidence of alien crystal skulls, I’ll post it on my blog. Skype me. I’ve got pictures.

    See ya!

  3. It’s not like I have high expectations about how any news outlet behaves, but this stunt was a Saturday Night Live skit come to life. For that fact alone, I rather like that CNN did it. Sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the stupid.

    1. He’s as smart or smarter than most of the talking heads doing TV “news” these days. He can (and often does) go toe-to-toe with any of them who will come on his show, or invite him to appear on theirs. And the best part is he does it all with respect and with just enough humor to totally disarm the “meanies.”

  4. I watch CNN more than any other news site. I mean, look at the competition on TV…. But it’s getting to the point that I’m having a hard time watching any of their programs. It’s like a crossing Anderson Cooper with Jerry Springer. The hosts are bringing on people of opposing opinions, which is good. But they are opposing to the extreme and appear to be coached and instructed to do so. Reality TV meets reality TV??? Woah… I’m going to have to think on that one for a while…..

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