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Category: Stewart, Jon

CNN rapidly becoming laughing stock

It would be laughable it if hadn’t been one of America’s most well-known news outlets. So I suppose that just makes it pitiful. No, scratch that; it really is laughable. […]

Comic relief on election night

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are poised to give us some relief from the election returns tomorrow night. The Daily Show’s “Election Night 2012: This Ends Now” and The Colbert […]

Jon Stewart didn’t say it

Love it! I’m watching The Daily Show and Jon Stewart, during a bit with John Oliver, just reeled off some lines from the Pledge of Allegiance and left out “under […]

Sanity rally was spot-on

Before yesterday, many in the media were asking, “What is Jon Stewart trying to say with his Rally to Restore Sanity?” They thought it must be political if it came […]

Jon Stewart, American

A Huffington Post reader submitted this video to HuffPo as a memorable highlight of Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show.” As painful as it is to go back to the days […]