Jon Stewart hammers VA bureaucracy, benefit delays

10 thoughts on “Jon Stewart hammers VA bureaucracy, benefit delays”

  1. Wonderful Stewart response. But why do we need a commission to solve this? No, no, no, let’s have some of those folks furloughed (thank you sequester) at other agencies take the Metro over to the VA. Push those papers!

    1. A commission is nothing more than a committee, and we know how effective committees are(n’t). You suggested letting volunteers (retirees) push the papers and Stewart suggested letting the vets themselves do it. Both good ideas that would actually accomplish something instead of just talking it to death.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Universal government health care would be a fiasco (as exemplified by the VA). Too many people confuse that with single payer (government) health insurance coverage, which I’ve come to think would probably be a good idea.

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