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Sanity rally was spot-on

Before yesterday, many in the media were asking, “What is Jon Stewart trying to say with his Rally to Restore Sanity?” They thought it must be political if it came just before Election Day. They thought it would be a rally for the extreme left, a knee-jerk reaction to Glenn Beck’s rally. They thought it would be a rally attended only by young, hip Stewart fans. And some thought it would be some silly little event put on by “just” a comedian.

It was none of those things, and all of them. On a beautiful fall day, more than 200,000 ordinary Americans gathered in Washington to have fun, listen to some good music, and enjoy the sort of comedy that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are famous for. At the end of the 3-hour show, Stewart got a bit more serious. He talked about the America he knows and loves, the America we all experience most of the time — when we aren’t caught up in election fever and partisan political diatribe.

If the mainstream media didn’t know what the rally was all about, that’s their problem. Fans at the rally and those watching on TV knew. And that’s all that matters.

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