Jon Stewart didn’t say it

11 thoughts on “Jon Stewart didn’t say it”

    1. The bit wasn’t all that funny and I think he was sort of ad libbing some of his lines. But I remember how mad the conservatives got when the Pledge was truncated in the intro to that golf match. Stewart didn’t say the whole thing either, and although what he did say slid right by and I had no way to replay it, I’m 99% sure he left out “under God” when he threw out “one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

      (Yep, just checked The Daily Show website and I quoted him correctly.)

    1. OMG PT, that was hilarious! I was laughing so hard that I had to go back to look for the part you wanted us to see. I see they have regular embed codes too. I could have sworn they’d switched to those iFrame things! 😀

      1. Really, the Brits pulled the plug on The Boss and McCartney!? The nerve!

        The first time I tried to grab this video, it didn’t work. But my last couple of embed attempts seem to indicate that Lockerz has is now using or has gone back to using the Vodpod shortcodes. And they’ve worked! Perhaps the long nightmare is over …

      2. I just tried to get the embed codes for a clip from the series finale of Eureka, only to discover that SyFy has switched to the iFrame embeds too. I thought I’d see if Vodpod could grab it but I got an error. I never did get around to switching over to a Lockerz account and Lockerz doesn’t recognize my Vodpod username and password. Did you have to start a new account when you moved over?

      3. I honestly don’t recall if I had to open a new account or not. But when I got in, some (not all) of my Vodpod saves were there. It was spotty, though. It looked like everything from CNN was gone. Maybe they “edited” my stuff for me? Grrr. And some that appeared to be gone last week (and thus gone from my blog), seemed to be back this week. It’s been a mess. About the only good thing is that I don’t use nearly as many videos as you do. Lockerz has a Grab It button like Vodpod did, which has sometimes worked and sometimes not. Maybe they finally have it fixed.

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