There’s a webcam at 11,796 ft on Colorado’s Trail Ridge Road

18 thoughts on “There’s a webcam at 11,796 ft on Colorado’s Trail Ridge Road”

    1. My pleasure. I got absolutely lost in that video. I could smell the rain and wet pines, hear my jacket rustle as I turned the wheel on those tight curves …

  1. Not sure why this morning, but had to find this post with the clip of going up the old road– think i will have to get a ‘go pro’ and take a full drive myself next season! Good break from reality this morning. Thanks for keeping these links alive!!

    1. Glad you found and enjoyed it. As for keeping the links alive, it’s more luck than anything else. I try to fix broken ones when I come across them, but its impossible to police more than ten years’ worth of posts. Older links die because the party at the other end doesn’t maintain the page or makes changes or whatever, and there’s not much I can do about that.

      It would be great fun to record your own drive. Then you could really re-live your experience. I hope the need to bring in heavy equipment to repair the flood damage doesn’t change the character of the road too much — with all the trees right up to the edge, etc.

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