Have you met Perfect Polly?

Had this commercial aired during Saturday Night Live, I’d have thought it was part of the show. But it aired this afternoon on CNN. I’d have thought it was a joke if it hadn’t been on CNN. As it was, I wasn’t sure. Hard to believe some company made such a lengthy, silly commercial for such a cheap product … and then bought airtime for it on CNN. This is definitely late-night obscure-channel fare, yet there it was on CNN. Did someone screw up? Was it supposed to air?

But wait, there’s more! This is a truncated version. A minute and a half and still not the entire commercial. The full length commercial that I saw, two excruciatingly long minutes, ends with a chance to order now and get two Perfect Pollys. Naturally.

Categories: advertising, CNN, Media, television, video content

13 replies

  1. That has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seem PT. A better “marketing strategy” would have included a set of Nerf guns so the kids can use it for target practice!

  2. Yes, to the nerf guns. Get IzaakMak to pass me one, pulease …

  3. With all the lousy programming, we’ve thought for a while that some entertaining ads were about the only things worth watching on tv. This one doesn’t qualify.

  4. Noooo. Hadn’t seen this – it does look like SNL! (That head somehow reminds me of Dexter style serial killer ritual arrangement of bodies…creepy)
    Just when I thought nothing was on TV these days…

  5. I know a certain bird who would rip Little Miss Perfect’s face off. Just saying. 😀

  6. The family sitting around all admiring and loving their Perfect Polly. Oh, puhleeeze! Give me a break! And people buy this junk!

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