A tiny typographic tantrum

An item in the Washington Post yesterday caught my attention … and annoyed me on several counts. It’s a discussion of single spacing vs. double spacing at the end of a sentence. All the emphasis seems to be on readability,… Read More ›

Who do you trust?

Apparently we have a president-elect who likes or even prefers communicating via Twitter to whatever audience frequents and gets its sometimes-fake news from social media. For better or worse (I think worse), they all seem content to bypass our mainstream media. Not that the… Read More ›

Saddest news of the week

As a child I spent hours camped in front of yellow stacks of National Geographic magazines. I don’t think my parents ever threw out a copy. Each was cherished as a repository of scientific fact, a ready reference for all the… Read More ›

Walking back the news, or not

The issue came up this morning on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” The story in question was the one about allegedly drunk Secret Service agents crashing into or through a White House security barricade. At least that’s how the story was blasted… Read More ›