Boston reporting and Pew’s ‘State of the News Media’

Information or confirmation. Whatever you want to know about the status of American news media today is probably in the Pew Research Center’s extensive The State of the News Media 2013: An Annual Report on American Journalism released last month. Probably few will read the massive report from beginning to end, choosing instead only sections of particular … Continue reading Boston reporting and Pew’s ‘State of the News Media’

Seriously, Newsweek?

Must be the silly season for magazine covers. First Time magazine sports a bare-breasted mom nursing her three-year-old, and now Newsweek has declared Obama “The First Gay President.” The race to the bottom has really heated up, hasn’t it? Decades-old highly respected news magazines venturing into the realm of shock and misrepresentation, all to generate … Continue reading Seriously, Newsweek?

Why wilderness?

Excerpt from This Is the American Earth by Nancy Newhall ¸ To the primal wonders no road can ever lead; they are not so won. To know them you shall leave road and roof behind; you shall go light and spare. You shall win them yourself, in sweat, sun, laughter, in dust and rain, with … Continue reading Why wilderness?