Changing fonts to save ink dates back as far as 2008

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    1. He may never have presented it as an original idea. It sounded like the point of his project was simply to prove, with his tests and results, that one font used less ink than another. He did the testing and gathered the data to prove the hypothesis. Of course I concluded that he was the first to think about changing fonts, so mentally I was giving him a lot more credit than he might have deserved.

  1. While on the subject of fonts I particularly like the one you’re using but I can’t seem to find it, obviously WP won’t have it on their miserly list of fonts.So please, enlighten to it’s name. 🙂

    1. The heads are FF Meta and the body type is Le Monde Journal. You can see the font names by clicking on “Customized Opti Theme” in the footer. I’m not sure which font you were referring to, but I’m always tickled when someone notices my font choices. Thanks!

      1. Fonts always fascinate me for some reason that I can’t fathom, and I particularly like the one used in your comments and posts, it’s clean, clear and is attractive to my eye unlike Times New Roman et al. I shall have to get it and use it, thank you very much 🙂

      2. Oh, another fontaholic! They fascinate me too, also for reasons I can’t fully explain. They instill a certain flavor that most people don’t notice or appreciate. I’m delighted to meet someone who does! 🙂

      3. And here was I thinking I was unique! 🙁 I

        I like to use different fonts in my correspondence and there are many that I use that reflect the mood I’m in at the time of writing not that anybody notices except to think I’m a bit odd!

  2. Nothing new under the sun – proved again! Hey, people area always “discovering” “new” ideas….like eating organic foods is good, pesticides bad (I remember being 4-5 watching my dad carefully tend the garden sayin “What kind of fool would put poison on stuff he plans to eat?”) and then there’s Beyonce’s “girls lose self esteem in middle school” (sour face – girl, you grew up under the shelter of that “discovery” as a child)
    Goes to prove once again just how short a memory humans have.
    Great post – got a laugh at all of us! (and ditto on the fonts – fonts are so expressive and cool…I lean towards arial )

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