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Category: Clinton

The inevitable Hillary

It’s been two weeks since the story broke and I still can’t get it out of my head. Most likely because I’ve spent a few years of my life — […]

I don’t believe you, Hillary

I watched Hillary Clinton’s press conference today about her email. I’m not at all impressed that it took her eight — eight! — days to start answering questions about it. Eight days to […]

What difference at this point does it make?

Hillary Clinton has yet to declare her candidacy for president, and who can blame her. Campaigns are grinding, brutal, ugly rat races. Besides, she’s the inevitable, already-annointed Democratic nominee. Unfortunately. I’ve […]

My money is on Caroline Kennedy

Senator Caroline Kennedy? Sounds fine to me. She’s no less qualified for Hillary Clinton’s N.Y. senate seat than was Clinton herself. I don’t know why the Clintons are bristling over […]

No way, no how, no mailing list

MSNBC is reporting this morning that Bill and Hillary Clinton are angry that the Obama campaign is not doing more to help them retire Hillary’s campaign debt. The Clintons think […]

Hillary hits a homer

Well, Hillary Clinton delivered a great speech tonight. Without the text in front of me, I can’t throw out quotes, but it was a barn burner. It wasn’t shrill, it […]