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Category: Computers

When smart quotes aren’t

It’s a term that begs to be used: apostrophe catastrophe. And it has become so cliché that I won’t use it here. There are already dozens of articles and at least […]

rebeccapurple, #663399, named in memory of Rebecca Meyer

The color purple

This particular shade of purple, #663399, is now officially designated rebeccapurple, making it one of only about 150 CSS web colors with a name. It was the favorite color of Rebecca Meyer, […]

Ads, malware, and the update vulnerability

Yesterday I wrote about a Chrome extension, “Webpage Screenshot Capture,” that was generating JollyWallet pop-up ads whenever I visited an e-commerce website. This morning, coincidentally, I came across an Ars […]

Double, double toil and trouble

You may already be familiar with this high tech gizmo. It’s a telecommuting device of sorts, controlled by the owner, who uses an iPad or computer remotely to drive this […]

Brook’s law and the Obamacare website, the Obamacare website, has so far been an unmitigated disaster. Obviously there are serious programming problems that go far beyond a few “glitches” or bugs, beyond heavy traffic and […]