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Category: Computers

A reminder about online privacy

I just saw a CNN report on Internet privacy and how so many entities track your every move for fun and profit. Far too many Internet users never give any […]

PC to Mac: The journey begins

A week ago I finally got my long-awaited hand-me-down MacBook Pro laptop from my son. As I explained way back when, it was originally configured to meet the needs of […]

Miss me?

No doubt you’ve been concerned that I might have fallen off the edge of the earth or something. Well, no, but I did wake up Saturday to discover I had […]

Playing with sound

Looking for a little relaxation? Something to take your mind off your troubles? I can think of lots of great, expensive, time-consuming ways to occupy your time. But for a […]

Grandma vs. the Alien: The Final Chapter

[To begin this story at the beginning, see “Black box appears in Denver; no identifying marks“) With luck, this will be the last chapter of Grandma vs. the Alien. Cross your […]

Grandma vs. the Alien: Chapter 3

[To begin this story at the beginning, click here.] A few of you may have been following my misadventures — those involving the acquisition of my first new desktop computer […]