‘This disk is used for Time Machine backups’

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  1. Yipes. This is one of my fears and is just what has kept me from updating my iPad2 to the new IOS7 released a few weeks ago. I read advice somewhere to delay in order to let the bugs get worked out and from what I’m reading, I’m glad I did. One has to wonder if Apple’s hard-earned reputation for customer care might be slipping?

    I only updated my desktop to Lion a couple of months ago, after Quicken 7 finance software finally came up with a patch to make it compatible, so I think I’ll wait at least a few months before tackling Mavericks. I appreciate the heads up, PT. Please keep us posted on how Mavericks is working – and what difference it makes for you. Jim

    1. I wouldn’t worry about it at all. I haven’t had my backups set up properly (supposed to go to an external HD), and I think I created the problem for myself. This was a simple fix for a simple problem. My son, a developer, has updated about three different machines so far without any hiccups. And he hasn’t heard of any problems. None of Mavericks new features have been of any particular interest to me so far. What I wanted for my aging laptop was the more efficient internal functioning and resulting improved battery life, which doesn’t seem to be getting much publicity.

      I also wouldn’t judge Mavericks by the iPad OS. Two different creatures.

      1. I’m feeling cocky since I found the solution and fixed it myself (without The Son’s help). If I can do it, anyone can do it.

        Now if I could just get my backups to run properly …. 🙂

    1. Well, I was downloading within the first 24 hours it was available (along with most other Mac owners in the country). And my wifi connection seems pretty slow most of the time. And it was big — 5.29 GB. I can deal with the waiting as long as I know things are moving along properly. Hey, it was free. Hard to complain about that.

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