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2012 Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Oops: How not to drive Pikes Peak

A frequent Pied Type visitor, ImaLibertarian, sent me this video from Sunday’s Pikes Peak Hill Climb. (Pikes Peak is 14,115 ft.) The race is run every year, and every year […]

You've Been Trumped

Scotland got Trumped

For a quiet, reasoned discussion of the issues, it’s hard to beat Bill Moyers on PBS. Even the program’s set is quiet — two people seated at a simple oak […]

Mars hole

Curiosity and a Martian sinkhole

NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day today is particularly interesting — a hole in the surface of Mars. We’ve seen craters, plains, the tracings of flowing water, etc. But this […]

Maddow does the math

Thanks to IzaakMak at I Want Ice Water for bringing this video to my attention. The following is Rachel Maddow’s commentary last night about political spending in this year’s presidential […]