You can observe a lot just by watching

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  1. That was a nice ramble. I agree about the porch lights – it is odd isn’t it? Nobody uses them anymore. At my house we have solar lights that glow at night and motion lights if anyone or anything gets to close to the house at night. And yeah, there is always a small kitchen light burning at night. You don’t want to stub your toe now do you?

    As to gun ownership – I think what might make it more dangerous these days are the idiots that own them. People do have less sense than they used to I think because they are so accustomed to having things done for them. Being self sufficient doesn’t carry the stature it once did. Which is really a shame.

    And yeah, ditto on dirty kitchens and laundry. Why do it until you actually have to?

    See how bad I am about editing? Apparently you were commenting while I was going back in to add that last parenthetical about the rifle team.

    And see how I can keep typing rather than go do the dishes? Somebody make me stop!! 🙁

  2. I often unscrew the bulb for my porch light (I live in an apartment complex and they are on a timer). I do this because it attracts a butt-load of small bugs, and I don’t like dealing with that.
    Fortunately I can come and go through an attached garage, so I don’t have to choose between bugs and darkness. I did mention I’m pathetically insecure, didn’t I?

  3. Hunkering down, yeah, not such a good word. Personally, I would leave my porch lights on in a heartbeat but the husband says, and I quote, “Turn off the light, it draws bugs, and I don’t want them in the house” Our kids are in and out and he freaks if a mosquito gets in. FREAK. I grew up with the streetlights going on every night and it was our que to get going, time to get ready for bed. We also had one of those lantern lights in our yard. So, if it were up to me, I’d have the front porch lights and the garage lights on all night. You know i have to choose my battles wisely, so *shrugs* whatever makes him happy on this one.

    As for the gun. I don’t have one because of the kids so I see where you are coming from on this. However, I, like your daughter would shoot an intruder without a second thought. I might actually enjoy it 😉

    Btw, I love your cleaning style!!! Love it!

  4. This was the most “fun-to-read” article in a long time. Maybe because I’m an old fart who’s random access memory – once invoked – operates much like yours. The tangents were uncountable.

    The only interesting (to me) comment I can add is my own introduction to owning a gun. It came at a very young age because we were rural dwellers and it was a long time ago. I too pleaded for a BB gun at about 12 years of age and was refused for a unique reason. My Dad informed me that BB guns were dangerous, but didn’t suffer that reputation and because of that – I could only have a .22 which was unarguably dangerous and everyone with a brain knew that you had to treat it the same way you’d treat a proper lethal weapon. Since then, I’ve acquired a variety of guns for protection, as an investment and for hunting – but I still remember that all guns are dangerous. I’ve bought my 13 year old granddaughter an autoloading Ruger 22 and she has learned to care for in much the same way that you were trained. She understands that it isn’t a toy, and I trust her with both it and its ammunition.

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