I are techno-not?

4 thoughts on “I are techno-not?”

  1. I got the robot guy. Just call me Robo-Badger! 😀 Here’s the text:

    We had trouble placing you, but finally found just the thing… for someone who adores technology and knowledge, but doesn’t care for much else. Intrigue and adventure? Not important to you, evidently. The company of your fellows? Not to your tastes. The bustle and crowd of the city? Not for you. Were it not for your positive attitude toward modern technology, we would have made you a medieval monk and let you live out your days in a quaint little cell, with access to all the books you could possibly want to read. But instead…

    You will be a mechanical being, born on a planet where machines have long ago taken completely over and organic life has become extinct. You will be sent as a messenger to the other end of the galaxy with a message of good will — a journey of approximately 205,125 years.The message reads: “Greetings.”

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