Open letter to troubled Asian automakers

New Toyotas backlogged at Long Beach docks
New Toyotas backlogged at Long Beach docks

Dear Asian automakers:

We’ve all seen pictures, like these at the New York Times, of your new cars jamming the lots at the port of Long Beach. It certainly has me, the owner and driver of a 15-year-old Mazda, thinking that now might be a good time to consider getting a new set of wheels.

While I’m working out the financial logistics, however, I think I can help you with those overcrowded parking lots of yours. I just happen to have space in my garage for another car, and my driveway will accommodate two. I’d like to offer that parking space to you — free of charge.

I noticed this photo and others were of Toyotas, which is the brand I had in mind for my next purchase. If three of them were parked at my place, I (and my neighbors) could get to know them “up close and personal,” which would undoubtedly encourage my buying sooner rather than later. Or maybe you could send one Toyota and two other brands. Whatever works for you.

You can use the email address on my “About” page to contact me about delivery details, since I’ll need to be home to open the garage.

Oh, just one thing: Could one of the cars be the red SUV in the picture? It would look particularly nice in my driveway. Thanks. Glad I could help.



2 thoughts on “Open letter to troubled Asian automakers

  1. That is AWESOME!!! LOL. Free advertising sounds like something they could use, so they should take you up on it. 😉
    Well, I do what I can. 😉

  2. Are they keeping these cars out so people will buy a GM?

    BTW – there is a Saturn I will be buying – the Saturn Astra – the problem? Well I used to have an Astra when I lived in the UK, it was an awesome car, built by Vauxhall/Opal (Owned by GM) You can buy them now – but, and this is the laughable part, you can only start at a 1.8L model – in the UK you can get a 1.4L and the economy is spendaculous!

    I had the 1.6, 16 valve injection – did 56 MPG – and 130MPH. 🙂

    You don’t need a big engine!
    Nope, those cars are backlogged at the docks because the dealers don’t have room for them because they can’t sell what they’ve already got.

    I don’t drive nearly as much as I used to, so MPG won’t be a big factor. Top speed doesn’t matter to me nearly as much as acceleration (for safely getting onto the freeways around here) and power for hill climbing. I’ll weigh all the options, but I’ve been buying Japanese cars since the ’70s and am admittedly very biased.

    Now I’m off to look up Saturn Astra …

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