Oh good, I’m not the slob I thought I was


I feel so much better after seeing this picture. Whenever I start thinking I’m a hopeless slob, I can look at this and see what an amateur I really am. I found it with some other funny computer-related pictures posted on Coool-Stuff.

(Maybe this person is not a total slob. There’s a comb on the desk.)

4 thoughts on “Oh good, I’m not the slob I thought I was

  1. Hey, I feel better about myself too! Great pic- LOL!!! When you’re feeling down, you can always click on Jerry Springer too for a quick up-lift! Muah-ha-ha-ha!!!!

    [Ugh. I can’t stand Jerry Springer. It still amazes me that after hosting that tacky show of his for years, he thought he could just turn around and run for pubic office. For dogcatcher, maybe.]

  2. With all the junk food, I would not be surprised if the guy or gal has serious health issues. Get away from the computer!

    [But s/he did … just long enough to get out of the picture.]

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