They still learn grammar, don’t they?

4 thoughts on “They still learn grammar, don’t they?”

  1. That kind of stuff just ruffles my feathers to no end.
    Speak the language as it’s meant to be spoken.
    Any link to a video?
    Love to see it . . .
    Nope, no video. He was just talking about some video of a sumarai slicing baseballs that were pitched to him, and the “swword” thing started. I know my blood pressure was through the roof by the time he finished talking. Arghh!!!

  2. There’s never any excuse. Fight the good fight and e-mail them!
    I have sent and do send e-mail. Most of the major networks probably are familiar now with “that witch in Denver.” No doubt it’s just another futile cry in the wilderness, but it lets me blow off steam.

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