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Has WordPress been tinkering again?

wordpress logo & wrenchThere has been a rash of reports in the WordPress forums in the last couple of days regarding our visual editor page not working properly. At least not with Firefox. (Seems to work fine with Chrome, but I have other problems with Chrome.) The various editing and “kitchen sink” tools don’t show at the top of the window, text in the text window doesn’t show, and text in the HTML window might or might not show. Sometimes in the visual editor you can see red underlines, but nothing else. If you highlight the whole window, you can see the text in white on a pale purplish blue background. The items in the right sidebar may not respond to clicks.

I found “the fix” in the forums: Disable the Adblock add-on for your blog (which worked for me) or whitelist WordPress, which I couldn’t figure out how to do. Whitelisting and notifying Adblock of the problem were the WP rep’s instructions.

It strikes me as a bit odd that I didn’t change any settings, and Adblock hasn’t announced any changes, and yet we’re to assume Adblock and not WP, with its constant changes and “improvements,” is to blame. Call me cynical, but it seems to me it would work to WP’s advantage (and its advertisers’ advantage) to have users whitelist WordPress, thus allowing ads to appear on WordPress once again …

Or maybe I’ve just been reading too many blog posts about WP’s bad behavior and lack of concern for users …

Update, June 13 @ 7 pm MDT: Looks like WP has fixed the problem.


  1. I love this! WordPress, give me back my money! Facebook, a refund please!
    This is one of the few instances when I love the irony… it would be like me complaining about Windows 2003, when all I had were pirated copies….

    • I suspect if I weren’t paying WordPress anything, I wouldn’t feel entitled to complain. but I’ve paid for a CSS upgrade, a No-Ads upgrade, and a domain name transfer, so … I complain. Besides, I’m a grumpy old woman. It’s what I do.

      • I’ve paid quite a bit, too. I’m just using Chrome now. I’m sure WP is working on it, though. That’s one thing I found about internet companies like this… they always blame someone else while working on it in the background….

        • I have two problems with Chrome and so far have waited two weeks for a response from WP support. My admin bar doesn’t show on my home page, so I have to use bookmarks to get behind the scenes to do anything. And when editing a post with an image, there are no “grabby tabs “(corners and sides) for dragging and resizing the image, so my only options are to use the percentages offered, or import the exact size to begin with. There’s no easy trial-and-error resizing.

          And yes, while first indicating it was all Adblock’s problem, WP is working on this in the background; I was giving info to a rep just this morning.

        • There are “grabby-tabbies” for resizing images?? I didn’t know that. Cool! I’ve just been using the percentages or giving my own dimensions. LOL… I like that… “grabby tabs” or “grabby tabbies” 😆

        • “Grabby tabs” must be credited to my son — a geek with a great sense of humor. Yes, open one of your posts with an image in Firefox visual editor and click on the image. You’ll see the tabs you can use for tweaking the size. Those tabs are the main reason I haven’t defected to Chrome. I use them A LOT. (Of course, WP is currently having problems with the visual editor/Firefox/Adblock. You’ll have to disable Adblock to get everything to work.)

          Screenshot of image’s “grabby tabs” in visual editor using Firefox:

          grabby tabs

        • Nope. No “grabby tabbies” in Chrome. Just checked. But Firefox and new posts seems to be working now. I just opened a new post (and trashed it – not posting at the moment) and the toolbar came up fine. Whoever it was finally fixed the problem – but I think it was WP since they’ve been doing so many upgrades.

  2. Yes, you can do it for free, but don’t ignore that these blogs mean money earned for WordPress. It’s a business-not a charity.
    In business it usually pays to keep even the lowest level “employees” happy so they continue to work productively – which means continual profits for those holding the reins.
    I do appreciate WordPress, but there are many bloggers that pay for upgrades.

    • We on are nothing but lab rats for everything WP wants to test, introduce, etc. on and elsewhere. Not that I don’t appreciate a nice, free platform. I don’t know where else I’d go; I came here from Blogger, and I don’t want to get into self-hosting.

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