Bug on a bike

praying mantis on "bicycle"

Photo: Caters/Eco Suparman

Amateur macro photographer Eco Suparman, 23, couldn’t believe his luck when the mantis he was watching crawled onto this plant.

Suparman was in a Muslim cemetery in the Ambawang River village, Borneo Island, Indonesia, at the time. It’s one of his favorite places to shoot pictures because of the number of small insects in the area.

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  1. Wow PT. Catching shot like that has to be on par with hitting the lottery or getting hit by lightning! 😀

    • Yep, nice of that mantis to hop up there and pose like that.

      I hope this is the photographer’s original composition. I had a different shot up there to start with, but then realized it was a cropped version. I prefer to see what the photographer saw, not what some editor thinks he should have seen.

      This is the cropped version:

      praying mantis on fern "bicycle"

      Photo: Caters/Eco Suparman

      It might be better this way. Still …

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