Month: March 2013

Come to life in Colorado

Here’s another current commercial I like. It’s being run by the Colorado Tourism people. I think it’s a great ad — not that the state’s natural beauty needs to be advertised. The message here is deeper than that.

Love this commercial

This is my current favorite commercial. I can’t imagine any dog lover not loving it. The product involved, Beneful dog chow, is incidental. It’s all about the dog and the ball. Unfortunately this video is the long version of the… Read More ›

Grandma loves Latitude

I love technology! I say that all the time. But here’s a particularly outstanding, if personal, example. That cannon icon (Arsenal soccer team logo) is my son’s current location in London, brought to me via Google Latitude. It’s beyond fun… Read More ›

Generations: Yours, mine, and theirs

Today, on her blog Time Goes By, Ronni Bennett talks about how the media address different generations differently. Specifically, she refers to New York Times articles about Boomers being “upbeat, optimistic and cheerful,” while the only articles for those older than Boomers… Read More ›