Love this commercial

8 thoughts on “Love this commercial”

  1. Me too…Fun spot. And our Coda puppy is a “ball” dog. First ball dog SNZ and I have had. By ball dog, I mean if we’re out and about Coda would rather fetch a tennis ball than play with other dogs. So unlike our pervious puppies who were all about peeps and other dogs.

    1. My Annie is a golden/lab mix. Surprisingly, she’s not a total “ball” dog. Tennis balls are just some of many “babies” she cherishes. She doesn’t seem to care which I throw. Her expression and attitude are very much like this dog’s though, which is probably why this ad touches me so much.

  2. I love that one too PT. I searched for, but never found, the one where the dog suddenly has the hilarious “SQUIRREL!” thought right in the middle. I really wanted to post that one! 😀

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