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Love this commercial

This is my current favorite commercial. I can’t imagine any dog lover not loving it. The product involved, Beneful dog chow, is incidental. It’s all about the dog and the ball.

Unfortunately this video is the long version of the current shorter commercial that’s being airing. The short version is much better, but I can’t find a copy.


  1. Me too…Fun spot. And our Coda puppy is a “ball” dog. First ball dog SNZ and I have had. By ball dog, I mean if we’re out and about Coda would rather fetch a tennis ball than play with other dogs. So unlike our pervious puppies who were all about peeps and other dogs.

    • My Annie is a golden/lab mix. Surprisingly, she’s not a total “ball” dog. Tennis balls are just some of many “babies” she cherishes. She doesn’t seem to care which I throw. Her expression and attitude are very much like this dog’s though, which is probably why this ad touches me so much.

  2. I love that one too PT. I searched for, but never found, the one where the dog suddenly has the hilarious “SQUIRREL!” thought right in the middle. I really wanted to post that one! 😀

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