7-yr-old cancer patient scores Husker TD (video)

I just saw this on our local 10 pm sports report. It speaks for itself. Kudos to Nebraska and their fans. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every college football team did something like this?

Categories: Sports, video content

2 replies

  1. That’s awesome! In the bottom video though, poor kid… had 3 different people talking to him at once and each one telling him what to do. Honestly, though, he’s so excited I doubt he would have been able to focus even if it was just one person.

    • Did you hear the crowd roaring? He must have been absolutely beside himself. Imagine loving football, being out on a real college field in uniform with your favorite team, and running for a touchdown — with all that cheering. I hope he gets to cheer on the Huskers for many, many more years.

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