New photograph from Erik Stensland

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    1. Normally he says where. All I can tell here is he’s at treeline, he’s looking west, and you can see what I assume must be Trail Ridge Road on the left. That doesn’t narrow it down very much. 🙂

  1. Hi PT- just spent 4 wonderful days in Estes/RMNP- went by Erik’s gallery and it was closed… rats! (I didn’t go in town except for the rodeo nights) Rode to Cub, Fern, & Odessa lakes on the 15th- just missed the flash flooding along those trails due to the burned forest areas. As awful as the fire was, Moraine Park looks lush & beautiful, and it was so interesting to be in the burned areas, seeing how it skipped around, burned some trees totally, yet merely scorched others, etc., and how much life has already begun again. If you get a chance, I think you would appreciate seeing that, too. Hmmm, any portals in RMNP to turn green??

    1. What fun! I really must plan to go up there for a couple of days. Driving up and back the same day really limits what I can do. Inevitably I opt for a drive in the park, so despite my best intentions, I’ve yet to get by Erik’s gallery. Probably just as well. I don’t think I could resist buying something.

      I saw the aftermath of the Wild Basin fire many years ago and it was remarkable how fast things came back and how insanely green the new growth was. Something about nitrogen from the ash enriching the soil. And I did see Moraine Park once this spring. I’d forgotten about the fire until I noticed all the aspen trunks were blackened the same way, to the same height, scorched by the fast-moving grass fire but otherwise unharmed.

      I haven’t checked for portals inside the park, although I can think of some great locations for them. There are quite a few in Estes, however. Mostly along Elkhorn. All blue the last time I looked. 🙁

      1. Well, then, it appears your mission will be multi-faceted: a decent visit to the Park, mixed with turning Elkhorn portals to green, or merely handing over some ‘green’ to make a few merchants happier! Forgot the moose– midway up the old road, saw a big bull moose in velvet having his willow breakfast and then saw a cow with her calf wading & munching their way along the CO river not far from the Kawuneeche visitor center (pardon the spelling). My 1st moose calf! Hope you can fit a good visit into your schedule 🙂

      2. Doggone it, I’m the only person I know who’s never seen a moose in the wild. Where you describe, on the western slope, is where my son and his family saw some two years ago.

        I try so hard to stay out of town. I spread way too much green when I go there.

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