Isn’t this just the cutest thing

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  1. How cute. Looks like a cigarette lighter. OMG. I need a light. Here, I’ll just look in her purse for a lighter while she’s gone to the ladies’ room. Bam!

    TBogg is right, it’s just a matter of time before some kid’s cops and robbers game turns bloody. This is like flavoring cocaine like candy and marketing it like M&M’s. I wonder how good the safety is? Does it even have a safety? (It looks like it does.)

    Women who buy these will need to bone up on what ammo to use. Birdshot? (Blind the bastard.) Buckshot? (It can penetrate her apartment walls.) Slug? (Better aim carefully!) And what if there is more than one assailant? That single-shooter is just going to make things worse if that’s the case. My, life is complicated!

    1. Complicated, indeed. They make you put orange tips on your toy guns so nobody mistakes them for real, but they paint the real ones like toys. Go figure.

      1. Though I could surely use the cash, I think I might be too tempted to demonstrate my ‘product’ on, rather than to, my customers! O_o

  2. Pink.
    Unclear on the concept, but it’s an anything for a buck.(and Christmas is coming up! OK, sick…but bet that’s part of it?)
    Irresponsible as it looks so much like a toy…but not their fault the kid mistook it, right?
    Pink. Not just for Barbie anymore..should be.

    1. Christmas? Absolutely. A great little stocking stuffer for the little lady.

      Irresponsible? Maybe. But such a great way to market it to women. They’ll just charge a premium to cover their losses in case of liability lawsuits. (But hey, guns don’t kill people; people kill people. So why would anyone sue the gun manufacturer?)

      Don’t like pink? Check the link. There are other colors sure to please any woman.

      1. It looks like maybe the colors were new early this year, but the model might have been available last year. If I read it right, the new “toy” for this Christmas may be the upcoming Pocket AR — chambered in the same .223 caliber common in AR-15 rifles. (Not much of an AR with only one round, though, is it?)

      2. Oh, glad you responded – I got interrupted and wandered off. Somebody had pink guns last year – will have to check who and what…
        Pocket size? Not sure that will be “street legal” here – we have size regulations….what do you think the recoil on that sucker will be? No doubt the adventure tourist places will be featuring those….sigh…driving bull dozers would be so much better
        Really bad judgement to make them so pretty – end up being bought by those looking for accessories and catching a trend…people who shouldn’t have them. But seems like doing things for the good of mankind doesn’t make money.
        One thing that should also be done is insist all toy guns be the color of school buses. So fast food workers/stop and go clerks/police would know they aren’t real guns – and respond like there’s a real gun pointed at them. Toy manufacturers who produce toy guns so lifelike that they are mistaken for real ones should also be sued if there’s incidents or deaths. Obviously at fault and to blame, too.
        5 Armed Idiots robbed a taco food truck yesterday – for the second time, woman owner shot. This morning robbed an Hispanic meat market and gun whipped a woman in temple who is badly injured.
        Perhaps if the legal system: judges, prisons, law enforcement were stronger and took violent people out of society, people would stop arming themselves.
        What’s driving all the gun purchases is the realization that crime (locally) is out of control and no one is able to stop it. Not safe at gas stations, parking lots, banks, grocery stores, especially not at fast food places, or IHops, or even nice sit down restaurants here. People are fed up and unfortunately worried about protecting themselves and their families in an increasingly violent and lawless society.

      3. I know nothing about what sizes are street legal, although I can certainly see how really small, easily concealable guns would pose a problem. As for the recoil of these things, I have no idea. I’ve never fired a pistol, and only small caliber rifles. I did wonder about it, though. I’d would think it would be considerable and hard to control in such a small gun, especially with just one hand, which is how a lot of people might be tempted to use something so small. Obviously lots of problems with these things.

        Yes, toy guns should be readily recognizable. Putting an orange tip on the barrel just isn’t good enough. There have already been deaths because that orange tip wasn’t seen by police or security patrols. Of course, realism is what sells a lot of toy guns, so manufacturers will balk. Kids probably won’t want them if they are bright yellow.

        If only there were a way to take violent people out of society. But you can’t lock up half of society. At some point almost anyone might be driven to violence, and if there’s a gun handy when that happens … It’s a good reason to try to reduce the number of guns in circulation. And yes, of course, we’re seeing escalation because more and more people are feeling the need to protect themselves against the increasing number of guns around them. Somehow we have to break that cycle or it won’t stop until everybody in the country owns a gun. And will it then become a matter of who has the biggest gun or the most guns, or the most bullet-proof cars and houses and body armor?

      4. All the more reason to color them school bus yellow! DayGlo!
        Hey – you just described Mexico! Oh, wait, guns illegal there, but you nailed it. The houses like compounds, bulletproof limos and trained drivers, kidnappings, fashionable body armor – kid sized, too with bullet deflecting backpacks!(sad but true) Gangs of armed thugs forcing businesses to pay tributes, School teachers having to fork over money for “protection” –
        We have some well-to-do (much more than us) friends – and some ordinary citizen-type friends from MX who have pretty much moved up here to live and start businesses to have a more normal life – and they are all most disturbed at the increasing violence and lack of control by authorities.
        Society only works when everyone agrees to follow the laws…No excuses accepted.
        We’ve got plenty of laws, but no one cares, has the will or wants to act to enforce them….from the local DA’s and to the federal level at the DOJ.
        In addition, we need analyze and derail what is making people so angry and willing to take the law into their own hands. Violence is not an acceptable solution. (Maybe forced days off where everyone stays home and gets some sleep?)
        At least the NFL is taking baby steps with the new domestic abuse policy…a start. Now if more will follow

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