Pollock in the Park

"Autumn Pastels." © Erik Stensland. Published with permission.
“Autumn Pastels.” © Erik Stensland. Published with permission.

Abstract painting, right? No, take another look. It’s a photograph of a mountainside in Rocky Mountain National Park, shot, of course, by Erik Stensland, Estes Park, Colo. Isn’t this amazing? It was shot Thursday morning, and was the result of a fortuitous combination of recent snow, remaining fall colors, and dark green pines. Hoar frost or rime ice from fog/clouds may have been responsible for all the white tree branches. Regardless, it’s remarkable, isn’t it? Unless I focus really hard on some of the pines, I can’t convince my eyes it’s a photograph.

This photo was posted on Stensland’s Facebook page. You can see more of his work at his gallery, Images of RMNP.

Note: Oct. 17: Originally untitled, the photo has since been named “Autumn Pastels” and added to Stensland’s gallery.

25 thoughts on “Pollock in the Park

    1. Even when I look pretty closely, at best it looks like blobs of orange, yellow, and light green paint dabbed over snowy pine trees. I can click on it a couple of times and enlarge it a lot (I put in a BIG image) and that doesn’t change. Mother Nature let her grandkids play with the paint on this day.

    1. I think Jim was right about familiarity. I keep coming back and looking at this, as a whole and at details, trying to see it all as the photo it is. And so far only parts of it look like a photograph. Large sections still look more like a painting. It helps to zoom in until you can see individual aspen trunks and branches, but they do start blurring if you get too close, and that defeats the purpose.

  1. Whilst on the subject of Pollack; back in the early 1970’s we had a Labor Government ( that’s our left wing party, a bit like your Dems) and our Prime Minister at the time Gough Whitlam, who famously when asked what he would do when he died and went to heaven and met god said ” I’ll treat him as an equal”, but I’m rambling back to Pollack.

    Our National Art Galler eas only permitted to buy works to the value/cost of $1 million and the work “Blue Poles” by Pollack came onto the market for the then princely sum of $1.3 million . So Gough told them to go and buy the painting and ‘bugger the cost” or words to that effect.

    So the painting was acquired to the dismay and disgust of the Liberal Party (our GOP) of Australia who were in uproar at such a waste of taxpayers money and said that was proof that the ALP didn’t know how to manage the finance of Australia only they did.

    The painting is now valued at well over $100,000,000,00.

    Gough has left us now and is treating god as an equal and sorely missed by the thinking people of Australia

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