Denver surreality

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    1. Of all the public art I’ve seen, he is by far my favorite. But I’ve only seen him a couple of times, when I’ve been downtown and my son was driving. Even with someone else driving, it’s hard to get a good look at him. I haven’t been down there enough to find my way around, much less find a place to park near the bear. I assume, however, that the Convention Center probably has its own parking garage.

  1. I love this. We need more public art like this. Of course, being the crazy cat lady I am, I thought it was a cat at first. 😉

    Little Rock certainly doesn’t have enough public art with a sense of humor.

  2. Love it!

    There are a few pieces in Little Rock that are decried, and for good reason, like the water sculpture by one of the courthouses that looks like construction debris. And there’s the Ten Commandments to be added to the Capitol lawn whose supporters don’t seem to realize opens the door to every other religion to demand a spot there. My buddy John has a couple of memorials and the Little Rock Nine sculpture at the Capitol … pieces that were actually commissioned and loved.

    We have a sculpture garden near the Clinton library, but I haven’t been down there in a while. I tend to go to work and come home and not spend more time than necessary on that side of the river (too much traffic).

      1. Oh, if it does, I’ll be filling up the memory on my phone and camera … and if the satanic temple statue is approved … Though I’m really hoping for the monkey god. 🙉

    1. I’m relatively neutral about most public art, neither hating it nor loving it. But I’d be howling about that Ten Commandments thing for exactly the reason you cite. Not to mention that it’s not really art but the promotion of religion. I think religion belongs in religious establishments, not on public land.

      I’m glad your buddy’s commissioned pieces were appreciated. I can’t imagine putting in months on a piece and then having it hated, rejected, or ridiculed.

  3. I’ve always loved that bear – and the blue trees make him even better. A little more whimsy might make people lighten up a bit.
    (Little Rock is its’ own little universe. Happy to let all of them stay right in that little bubble. The river and hills are beautiful – too bad about all the crime that the authorities/law enforcement seem to feel is not necessary to resolve)
    Been AWOl, too for similar reasons – at least you’ve had some lovely late spring. Snowmelt leaving lovely wild flowers?

    1. I’m all for making the blue trees permanent. They and the bear complement each other, and I can’t imagine being unhappy in their presence.

      I don’t know much about LIttle Rock. Have driven through there once or twice, but that was many years ago.

      South Platte snowpack was at something like 330% last week. Whee!! Don’t know about the wild flowers. Haven’t been in the high country this spring. I do recall hearing that June was the peak month for them, though, so I need to get moving if I want to see them.

      1. Well, if those trees lasted a long time in Houston, with all the moisture you have, I’d expect them to last even longer here. It just makes sense to me that a blue bear should be standing amongst blue trees.

    1. Not something I’d want to encounter, but not uncommon here near or in the mountains.The statue was actually inspired by a photo of a bear peering into someone’s window. Would have freaked me out.

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