New streaming webcam for Estes Park fans

This was the view yesterday, December 20. Click for current view.

Yesterday I stumbled across a new (to me, anyway) webcam in Estes Park. It’s so typical of Estes, with mountains, rustic cabins, etc. But the best part by far is that it’s live and streaming. I watched and enjoyed birds crisscrossing from one side to the other, and pine trees nodding in the breeze. Occasionally a car went by on Fall River Road, behind the cabins on the left. A lovely, peaceful scene, and being located on a mountainside along the Fall River, there is a chance of occasionally seeing other wildlife — elk, bighorn sheep, deer, bears, and possibly even a cougar (most likely at dawn or dusk). The camera looks west up the Fall River Valley and on a clear day, in the distance, you can see Sundance Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park.

This beautiful view is provided by McGregor Mountain Lodge in Estes Park. I’ll be visiting it a lot because with the live stream I can so easily imagine actually being there. Check it out to see what’s happening right now. Last night I saw their lovely Christmas lights glowing in the dark. This morning I watched a truck busily plowing the roads while a dog ran along behind. It made me appreciate even more the work required to offer public lodging in Estes. All those roads and driveways to plow! All those porches and steps to shovel!

Thank you, McGregor Mountain Lodge and all of Estes Park for being there.

This was the scene this morning as the sun struggled to break through. Click for current view.

10 thoughts on “New streaming webcam for Estes Park fans

  1. It was beautiful up there even though the mountains were all under. Saw a couple Mule deer does; did not find any elk his time, darn it! Elkhorn messed up with a detour for construction on Moraine… saw the new parking garage- looks nice, but like it is in the wrong town. Even made it to DIA in time for a 2hr delay. But yesterday was fun!!

    1. No elk? That’s a bit odd. Maybe that pic you sent me was all of them leaving town. Maybe all the construction has them spooked.

      Wish that new parking was in midtown, like just add levels to the existing parking lots. But they seem intent on routing cars away from downtown. Too bad. I won’t be shopping or eating if I have to walk several blocks or take a bus.

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