Sony announces winners from 2018 photo competition

5 thoughts on “Sony announces winners from 2018 photo competition”

  1. Most impressive. Thanks. These remind me that digital photography has become a mature technology. The art of taking photos is no longer limited by the cost of film – that has to have some impact on the quality, one would think, and the resolution of computer screens appears as good as printing. Who would have thought it a decade or two ago? What an age we are living in!

    1. I’ve never forgotten the summer I came up here for vacation with a new AE-1 camera. Finally I was going to get some great pictures. They were so-so. But the film and later processing cost more than the rest of the vacation. I don’t know if a spiffy new digital SLR would rekindle my love of photography, but I can’t afford to find out. I now focus on being in the moment and preserving the images on the emulsion of my mind.

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