It’s Color of the Year time

Pantone has announced its Color of the Year for 2019 — “Living Coral.” Without having read  their usually overblown, hyperbolic description, I’d venture to call it bright, springy, happy. However, as soon as I think of it paired with turquoise, I think of Miami and suddenly it’s not nearly as appealing.

Also, Stephen Colbert sort of ruined it the other night when he said it looked like they’d combined Donald Trump’s orange hair with his red MAGA cap.

If you’re interested, Pantone provides a full page of suggestions for how to use Living Coral with other colors.

And I must say, I like it better than many of their choices in recent years:

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  1. ha, i love the colbert twist, but now you’ve got me thinking……)

  2. really got me thinking of an art piece that I can do with this color but I am horrible with color so..

  3. Thanks for presenting the colors for other years. I haven’t liked many of their choices—except for Greenery and Marsala (in small doses)!

  4. Well, didn’t see anything that fit my taste buds.I pretty much stick with the autumn colors in my home decor…

  5. I can handle coral but agree must be preparatory for spring or summer.

  6. He was funny for a while, but Stephen Colbert is single handily invigorating and inspiring ignorant Trumpsters to rally around their equally ignorant, narcissistic, adolescent like, knee jerking, expletive deleted hero. Like a one trick pony, he needs to expand his repertoire to once more become relevant.
    PULEEEZE Stephen.

  7. I like some of the color combo suggestions, but it looks more like an accent color than a major player around here – in the summer it would simply look too hot..with turquoise it does remind you of reruns of that show Miami Vice?

  8. It’s a very pretty colour reminds me of a raspberry icey pole

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