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  1. johnthecook…you do know that motorized vehicles or even jets have not prevented UKRAIN from defending itself from a very oppressive RUSSIA. There are Countries out there who would take down America if they could. More importantly we have Politicians right here in America that would love to turn America into a Socialist Government leaving the public at large with no way to defend ourselves. All the training in the world does NOT prevent red-light runners, drinking and driving or driving the wrong way in the opposite direction. Our Founding Fathers KNEW what they were doing when they put the 2nd amendment in place.

    1. I suspect any nations that might want to take down America hesitate because of our military, not our private citizens. Meanwhile, nobody is taking anyone’s car away with our current laws. No one would be taking anyone’s gun away with similar laws. But those aren’t the laws being proposed. What’s your objection to red flag laws, raising to 21 the age to purchase a semi-automatic weapon, limiting the size of magazines, or safe storage laws? Those don’t restrict your right to own a gun.

      1. johnthecook…the restrictions you mention here are not enhancing one’s right to own a firearm, are they.? Again, criminals do not care about gun laws, and they never will. NO one wears a sign around their neck saying future criminal in the making. POINT. There was a Prison guard who had been on the Force for some length of time. She managed to successfully remove an inmate with a supposedly court appearance and then fled with him in an attempt to evade capture. When they were surrounded, they crashed the vehicle which resulted in a capture of the inmate and another suicide There was also guns and ammo they were caught with as well. What gun laws that are being enforced today would have prevented that from happening? Oh, by the way, I don’t believe “The Government” has a clue as to how many firearms and ammunition the Legal US Citizen has. They can’t even begin to come close to what the THUGS and CRIMINALS have at their disposal either. It’s s-c-a-r-y. I cannot put my ultimate safety into the hands of a Government that can’t protect it’s self with out the use of firearms, who would love to take mine away from me in the interest of public safety.

        1. John, if the solution to the gun issue were easy, simple, and convenient, it would have been implemented by now. Laws — gun laws or any laws — have never completely stopped determined criminals from committing crimes. They will always find ways to do what they’ve decided to do. But if guns were a bit more closely regulated, if we could make it even a little bit harder for criminals, the mentally unstable, and children to get their hands on them, then there would be slightly fewer gun deaths. And that’s a worthwhile objective.

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