Tennis shoes, sneakers, or trainers?

Something I read earlier this evening started me thinking about the different words people use when referring to the cushioned rubber-soled shoes worn for athletic activities. In the past I’ve gone off on tangents about soda vs. pop vs. coke usage around the… Read More ›

The word nerd rides again

Several times recently I’ve heard someone misuse the phrase “begs the question.” I’ve long known it does not mean to raise or pose a question that needs to be answered. But offhand I could not explain its proper use, so off to Google I… Read More ›

Here it is: Banished word list for 2015

Every year Lake Superior State University, after accepting nominations all year, publishes its official list of banished words for the upcoming year. The banished words for 2015, with some of the accompanying comments: bae “Meaning ‘before anyone else.’ How stupid!… Read More ›