Return of the Grammar Grinch

12 thoughts on “Return of the Grammar Grinch”

  1. Agreed, this seems to be a problem. How about
    Kinda rolls off the tongue, no? The objective case might be “himher”.
    This is hurting my head, ow! : )

    1. I saw one source that flatly rejected s/he but espoused precisely the use of “they” as illustrated in The Guardian. Ugh. “Shehe” sounds a bit like a laugh and “they” probably wouldn’t like it.

    1. My position exactly. Somebody thought up a new word that diminishes me and makes me “the other” — cis-female — but can’t up with a new word that is positive for them?

  2. “‘Ain’t’ ain’t in the dictionary”
    That’s funny. I actually just checked not too long ago (meaning within the past year or so) as I remember saying that as a kid and wondered if it actually was in the dictionary. Which is was/is, but is considered “informal.”

    1. Well, I’ve got a few years on you. And when I was a kid, it wasn’t in the dictionary. But these days it seems like almost anything can make its way into one dictionary or another. The more questionable items land in the Urban Dictionary (which on occasion has saved me from saying something embarrassing). It’s one way for us old farts to keep up with what the kids are saying.

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