Pronounce ‘omicron’

11 thoughts on “Pronounce ‘omicron’”

  1. I did the Greek system, too. I’ve always pronounced it “AH-muh-crawn” – although not really “muh”, more along the lines of “mi” as in “mi(ss)” not “mi(ght)”. I heard someone say “OH-mi-cron” on tv the other day and made me think about it for the first time.

    1. Oh, I like that little trick. Goodness knows I heard Peyton Manning yell “Omaha!” often enough. I think a lot of people stumble because they are more familiar with “omnibus,” “omnivore,” etc. Not to mention “ominous.”

  2. johnthecook…and then there is potato or is it patato (pau ta to) or tomato or is it (tau ma to). I guess it all depends what side of the pond you grew up on. The inflection of our accent can be crucial when trying to understand what is being said.

    1. Yep. Fareed Zakaria pronounces it OH-mee-kraan. I don’t hear that very often and it sounds really odd to my ear. But so do a lot of British pronunciations. But I’m from Oklahoma, so even some US accents sound strange to me (and mine to others, no doubt),

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