The Roe decision

6 thoughts on “The Roe decision”

  1. It is just infuriating that we find ourselves in this position. My sister had to travel to DC for an abortion (note the irony that the procedure was legal in DC of all places) and had to be vetted by a psychiatrist before she could obtain one even there.

    But since this is where we find ourselves now, and because DNA technology has evolved in the intervening years, I think we should concentrate not on the legality of abortion but the DNA of the baby. Maybe if we could work toward getting laws enacted to do a DNA analysis on every baby whose parenthood was in question, enough male legislators would recognize their own vulnerability and change their tunes. Two or three years ago a local radically anti-choice legislator had an affair that resulted in a pregnancy, which he did not want his wife and small children to learn about, not to mention his constituents. So he had an email exchange telling his girlfriend that she had to undergo an abortion. She was shocked because of his well-known anti-choice stance and resisted. After the argument, she took the email exchanges to the local media. After enduring lots of protests at his church every Sunday, he resigned.

    1. Yep, it’s easy for all those pro-life people to yell and scream and preach to others about the evils of abortion — until an unwanted pregnancy hits home. Then the shoe’s on the other foot. I’ve mentioned before that the father of an unwanted pregnancy should be held just as responsible as the mother. Any criminal charges should apply to both, because without both there obviously would be no pregnancy. The state, against a woman’s will, should never be allowed to force her to give birth to an unwanted child, any more than it can force her to donate blood, or an organ. The state should never be allowed to hold a woman’s womb hostage in order to obtain yet unwanted another baby. Maybe all those outraged “pro-lifers” should be forced to adopt those unwanted babies they are so concerned about.

      1. Dark money freed by Reagan, and pure, truth-hating dark ignorance unchained by the former liar-in-chief each have big parts in this egregious hypocrisy.

        “Religious freedom” being the “faith based” effort to effect the very opposite: You Will Read My Bible And Live By Its Words As I Understand Them … They give not the slightest shit about the babies after they’re born.

        All the court will accomplish is endangerment of the lives of poor women seeking abortions. Rest assured that the wealthy will retain their choice.

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