Pantone’s done it again

14 thoughts on “Pantone’s done it again”

    1. I think Pantone can trademark the name “Very Peri” but not the color itself. Purple exists in nature and is out there for everyone to use. The New York Times tackled the issue a while back and it’s kind of murky. Specific shades and their use in, say, team colors, company trademarks, etc. can be trademarked, I think. But don’t quote me.

      In their defense, I should say Pantone’s color cataloging and numbering system is the worldwide standard for color use. Anyone wanting to specify a particular shade of a particular color just mentions the Pantone name and number and that exact shade can be reproduced by everyone, whether it’s for paint, cars, logos, etc. It’s a godsend for printers, for example, who must reproduce the correct shades in merchandise, advertising, etc.

  1. During my 64 wonderful Crayolas days, the periwinkle crayon was not used very often. But this Pantone pick is prettier to my eye. Sure glad their selection wasn’t “drought brown” or “wildfire frenzy” 😊

    1. Years ago I didn’t like periwinkle. It was like an adulterated blue or a not quite purple. But I’ve since changed my tune and these days embrace almost all “cool” colors. Those boxes of 64 Crayolas were gold to me! So many colors. With fascinating names. They likely spurred my interest in art. When I moved on to paint, the different gorgeous colors with unique names continued to delight me.

    1. As I said, I didn’t like it years ago. But these days, all purples are at the top of my list (followed closely by teals). I just don’t like Pantone’s hyper presentation.

  2. It could easily be taken as parody, but I hear you!!! 😳Then again there’s the opposite side of the spectrum where all color appears to boil down to the primary ones… hard to imagine being color blind.

    1. Hadn’t thought of that, but yes, it could be featured on The Onion. Or in English classes as an example of how not to write. Still, besides the color swatch itself, what other way is there to sell a color? I’m grateful to at least be able to see the colors. Otherwise I’d be missing a major part of everything the world has to offer.

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