That was then, this is now

5 thoughts on “That was then, this is now”

  1. FACTS need no “interpretation.”  That is one of the problems with current “politically correct” thinking…

    Facts, particularly historically deplorable facts, are what they are and attempts to deny or hide them insures (as Ms Pied said) their repetition. 

    1. johnthecook…FACT, Al Gore ran against George W Bush. The outcome of that Election is based on an interpretation of the results of said Election. FACT, JFK was Assassinated in Dallas. How many people were involved and was there a Government cover-up is open to interpretation of those facts. Do you see where I am going with this line of thinking? Figures don’t lie, liar’s figure.

      1. George W. Bush won because the Supreme Court said so. That’s a fact. The details of the Kennedy assassination are facts, some of which may never be known for certain. Guesses and interpretations of what might have happened are not facts unless and until they are proven to be so.

  2. John, Ima’s right. A fact is what ACTUALLY happened, not what someone wishes had happened or thinks might have happened. “Interpreted facts” are interpretations; they may or may not be facts.

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