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Category: Constitution

Equality symbol popular as SCOTUS debates

This is the marriage equality symbol being used by the Human Rights Campaign to promote same-sex marriage. Reportedly it is sweeping social media while the Supreme Court is hearing arguments […]

What to do about Westboro Baptist Church

Unless you live in a cave, and even if you do, you’ve probably heard of the despicable Westboro Baptist Church whose members picket funerals with hateful, cruel homophobic signs. And […]

In Memoriam – Sandy Hook

~ In Loving Memory ~ Mary Sherlach, 56 Anne Marie Murphy, 52 Dawn Hochsprung, 47 Lauren Rousseau, 30 Rachel Davino, 29 Victoria Soto, 27 Daniel Barden, 7 Josephine Gay, 7 […]

Tighter gun laws: If not now, when?

In the wake of the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, last week, there has been a lot of soul-searching and discussion about the nation’s gun laws. It didn’t seem to […]

Supreme Court 2010

SCOTUS upholds Affordable Care Act

In a 5-4 decision today, the Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act, including its controversial individual mandate. No doubt days and weeks will now be dedicated to discussion […]