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Category: immigration

Children are pawns in immigration games

Murrieta, Calif., grabbed the headlines last week with angry protesters blocking busloads of undocumented Central American immigrants. The buses were and are transferring immigrants, mostly children, from overcrowded detention facilities […]

Coke commercial causes controversy

Coca Cola’s Super Bowl ad has caused quite an uproar on Twitter and Facebook. It seems a lot of people think the song “America the Beautiful” should be sung in […]

A surprisingly logical Supreme Court decision

The Supreme Court today upheld an Arizona state law that would penalize businesses hiring illegal immigrants. The case was Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting. Frankly, I’m really surprised. There’s been […]

Arizona birther law: Bring it on

The Arizona Legislature has passed a bill requiring presidential candidates to produce birth certificates to prove they were born in the U.S. in order to get on the Arizona ballot. […]

Injunction stands against AZ immigration law

Not surprisingly, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today refused to lift its stay on the enforcement of much of Arizona’s controversial anti–illegal immigration bill, SB 1070. The law, […]

How to tackle complex legislation

President Obama held a press conference this morning. Nothing new in that. In this election year, I’ve pretty much glazed over whenever he shows up. He did, however, propose something […]

Airing dirty laundry at the U.N.

The Obama administration, in a report to the United Nations Human Rights Council, has included the Arizona immigration law controversy. What possible justification is there for including an ongoing internal […]

Pots calling the kettle black

It is being reported today that Chile and 10 other countries have signed a declaration in support of Mexico and against Arizona’s new  immigration law, SB 1070. They consider the […]